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Bone Bruise - Lovenox and Ibuprofen together?

I had a ski accident a week ago and injured my left leg. Had some sweeling around knee cap and upper leg for 3 days during which I applied cold compress 3 times a day. Now the swelling is gone. I rested a lot, moved around with crutches and did not use any medicines for a week. I did not experience any sort of pain except a slight discomfort when standing up or sleeping on my side.

Yesterday I decided to go to a doctor to make sure that all is fine. Doctor examined my leg and noticed a small area with a slight color change on my upper leg outer side, diagnosing the problem with a deep hematoma. I insisted on getting an MRI scan. After the scan, he found out that I had a bone bruise on the upper section of my tibia (tibial head?). He did not perform a blood test/count. He advised me to use crutches for 3 more weeks. He also prescribed the following medicines.
- Lovenox 40mg injection - once a day for 10 days
- Ibuprofen 600mg forte - twice a day for 5 days
- Pantroprazol 40mg - once a day for 5 days

My questions:
1. Doctor said he prescribed Ibuprofen to prevent inflamation. Is it safe to use Lovenox and Ibuprofen at the same time? What kind of side effects should I expect if I do so? (I do not experience any pain).
2. Shall I be concerned about permanent implications (ie to kidney, liver etc) of using blood thinner?
3. After 10 days (when I stop the Lovenox), will I need a blood test?
4. How long would it normally take for such an injury to heal?

I'm 30 years old, weigh 50kgs (110lbs), have not had any surgeries in my life, and do not take any medicines on a regular basis.

Thanks a lot in advance for your valuable input!!
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