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Bone Bruise, Torn Meniscus, or Runner's Knee?

So about a month and a half ago i (I'm a 26 year old male, very active, no real injuries, although i mildly sprained the mcl on the knee in question when i was 18) was playing basketball and had a severe knee knock.  I caught the knock on the inside of my knee, kind of in between the tibia and the patella.  My knee instantly went numb, but i regained feeling.  there was no snap crackle or pop.  I then went out and ran 5 miles (I have boundless amounts of energy).  It later turned into a sizable bruise, with some swelling.  It started to get a bit better over time, but still a little painful to extend when doing leg extensions in the weightroom.  At this time i continued to train for a marathon I planned on running, and it got a bit worse (i was putting in 30-40 miles a week).  The pain i was experiencing felt like it was underneath the knee cap, so i assumed it was runners knee and just got a knee brace.  After about two or three weeks of the pain not getting better, I decided to take a break from running, which inevitably led to the pain subsiding.  

Currently, I haven't run in about 3 weeks and I feel absolutely no pain walking around.  I can do squats, stationary bike, and elliptical without any knee pain.  Going down the stairs at the gym, I occasionally feel a twinge in my knee (usually under the knee cap, but it could be on the side), and when i do stretch my quad, I do feel some tightness in my knee.    

so basically my question is whether my problems are related to a bone bruise/runner's knee combo, or is it likely that I have torn my meniscus?  Any insight would be helpful, and just a heads up, I'll probably be getting an MRI done sometime within the next month just to be careful.  
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I'm a wildland firefighter and I've put more miles on my knees from running and hiking with wieght both up and down hill then anyone I know. This year after a marathon I had the normal pain around 20 miles and the regular soreness aftewards. Two weeks after the marathon I did a half marathon and barely finished with a throbbing knee. From my readings it sounds like I may have both a meniscus problem and good old fashion wear and tear. I have numerous sharp pains that come and go, however not enough to effect my walking. I have some pain on the high inside part of my knee and that deep bruise feeling on the outside. Not to mention a little back of the knee pain that comes and goes. I have stopped running for 2 months. I see a little improvement but it seems I have lingering pain. I've done the X ray and I'm gonna see a professional and hopefully have an MRI before I continue. Any ideas.
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Well, I was going to see a general physician later this week, and see where they recommend me to.  As of right now, it feels pretty good.  I haven't been running on it, but i went skiing this weekend and it felt fine.  

As far as the swelling, it was a bruise, and swelled up instantly...  As expected with the impact I had.  

My knee was never sensitive to the touch as Lizzie Lou explained...nor was the incident a function of me planting a foot and twisting.  It was a knee on knee type occurrence.  

JainMD, I'll keep you posted later this week with regards to what happens.  
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really?  no popping sensation or sound?

while in the kitchen one day,  i went to turn and felt my knee pop...not sure if i "heard" it like i did when i tore my calf muscle.  anyway...the pain was bad...but not horrible.

fast forward...i tried to rest my knee and used the icing machine that i had from the previous injury.  pain continued so went to ortho guy.  my pain was towards the "inside"...on top of the knee cap.  strange thing though...lol...was that upon examing my knee...most of the pain from all the touching and prodding was on the outside.  it was kind of like a deep bruised feeling.  

he diagnosed me with a meniscus tear.  i still have this pain...off and on...and have that bruised, sore feeling to the touch on the outside of my knee.

just found this post interesting about the absence of the popping feeling or sound.   hhhuuummmmm
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Hi Bernie,
How are you feeling now?
I think you are right in thinking about meniscus injury. Patients with meniscus injuries may have twisting or deceleration as mechanism of injury, but the patient will not notice swelling (if swelling occurs at all) until minutes or hours after the injury. There is also no “popping” sensation or sound in meniscus injuries.
Feeling of twinge in your knee is characteristics of Meniscus injury too.
Have you consulted any doctor? Which doctor are you planning to consult?
Has any imaging being done? If yes, what imaging is being done?
Keep me informed.
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