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Bone Infection misdiagnosis

I recently posted.  I was diagnosed as having osteomyelitis of the ankle two years after fixation and partial removal of hardware 1 year later.  I still had a plate and screw.  After doing an Mri i was told that i had an abscess which would have to be drained and hardware removed.  I needed some follow-up tests and had a bone scan and indium scan.  All tests pointed to an infection.  I had surgery on 4th June.  They did a bone biopsy and tissue biopsy.  All cameback negative for an infection.  While I am happy and the pain has gone since the hardware was removed, i do have a question.  How is it possible that all these tests turned up saying that i had a bone infection when i did not?  Is is possible that all these tests are faulty or perhaps useless in picking up an infection?  Happy but confused.
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Infection is based on blood tests like elevated white blood cell count, fever, pain & inflammation. Pain and inflammation also may occur due to hardware. The treating surgeon will always think about the safety of his patient so any diagnosis which does not confirm but point towards a cause will be over ruled as in your case as an infection. The abscess may also occur due to collection of sterile fluid so you cannot be sure it is infected or not. Well, as you were under good hands, orthopaedician there is nothing to worry as your belief in your operating surgeon is important. Take care!
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