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Bone tumor- benign...

I am hoping someone can give me some advice.
My left leg was run over by a car in May of 2007. Literally the tread could be seen in the bruise on my calf just below the knee. I had a large bucket tear in the meniscus from this accident that was repaired with dissolving screws and sutures in August of 2007. Also had tried 2 rounds of Methylprednisone prior to that. The doctor decided on surgery without an MRI or even a CT scan just an FYI. The doctor repaired it and immediately following the surgery it seemed to be getting better but a few weeks later It felt worse than before the surgery. I went back to that doctor and he basically blew me off as wanting pain meds...This happens more often than you think and is insulting to no end. I went to see another Doctor who discovered after an MRI that there was indeed still a problem with the meniscus. She did another arthroscopic surgery and found that the meniscus that had been repaired had flipped over on itself and then was growing out the back of my knee. She cut out all that mess. That was in November 2007. I went to physical therapy and was able to walk normally again but was never totally pain free even though I reduced how much medication I was taking down to just 2 regular vicodin per day as needed. Any amount of physical exercise even walking causes pain. I figured it eventually would heal. In April of 2008 I tripped over my dog and ended up with another tear - this time it was rather small but had to be fixed. I had the MRI in April of 2008 and it showed nothing but the tear. Which was tiny relatively speaking. I had another round of physical therapy which this time was more painful than before and also we tried 2 different kinds of injections. Nothing helped. My frustration with this situation and my pain were making me so depressed. I ended up being forced to go to the pain clinic. I had to get some psychotherapy as well to help me deal with my depression and pain which helped somewhat. Beginning in January I noticed a small bulge in the back of my knee and told my pain doctor, he advised just to watch it and see if it would go away by itself.  I moved to Dallas in May of this year, 2009, for work. Everything was OK. Going along taking my pain meds but I never did get back to a point when I could do anything normal. I cant even go to the movies without pain. Here is the issue now. In July I decided to have someone look at the bulge behind my knee. A doctor here advised me it was a bakers cyst and there wasn't anything to be done about it. Okay I thought whatever, its just one more problem. Then about 1 month ago I was swimming in the pool which is about the only exercise I can do without pain, when I felt a pull in my knee/thigh area. Since then the pain began ramping up considerably. I went to see another Osteo Dr. and an MRI was ordered. The MRI shows that there is no tear in my meniscus but I do now have a rather large tumor in my thigh bone! I called my old Dr. and obtained a copy of the report on my MRI from the one in April of 2008- just 1 year ago. It was not there in 2008. So in 1 year this tumor has grown to be about 4-5 inches long. I am shocked. It appears to be benign which is great but the thickness of the bone has been severely reduced on one side. It has not yet gotten to the center of the bone but it has eaten away a very large part of the bone. I am very concerned. I went to see an Osteo oncologist and he did a bone scan. I felt like he didn't even pay attention to me. He said its benign and shouldn't be the cause of my pain so he wouldn't do anything about it!!?? What the heck! Why not! It is so obviously the problem and the cause of my pain that I am astounded that they wouldn't want to repair it? Not to mention can't the bone break so much easier now that there is less support? I advised him that this wasn't here a year ago and gave him a copy of the MRI report from 2008. It didn't matter. I am not sure what I should do? Please help! I need some real advice. I live in Dallas Texas. I am a 35 year old female, and I basically am forced to live like a damn hermit because of this. I used to play softball and enjoy going out with friends but I can't now because it hurts and I am never comfortable unless my legs are up. Even at work I have a stool under my desk with a pillow on it so I can work all day. I have to take this sickening pain medication and I don't want to but just so I can do normal things like go to work I have to! I am so depressed I just can't imagine living like this forever?!? Please someone help me?
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