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Broken Arm Help

Hello, I recently broke my arm. I lost control and fell off the ATV I was riding. My body as a whole (230 lbs) landed on my right upper arm/bicep area. I went to the ER and they did x rays, it was said that I had breaks in 3 possible areas (humerus or just humeral head or both, the radius and something else I believe but can't recall at the moment) They put a soft cast on me, wrapped it up in gauss and put on a sling. It seemed as I wasn't dealing with a completely competent hospital so I couldn't get a grasp of the severity of the issue or they were just being very vague as I didn't have insurance. They gave me a single prescription of percosets. I didn't have insurance at the time so I believe they refused to escalade any further proceedings/surgery on me - They let me on my way telling me to follow up with a Orthopedic Surgeon.

The pain has and continues to not be an issue with me at all although I do seem to have a high pain threshold. I keep my arm stationary and all is fine. I can move my fingers and shoulder without issue. I haven't experimented with the mobility of my upper arm much but there is definite pain if I try to extend my upper arm upwards/outwards. Something slight that made me curious was, I get a slight sensation up my upper arm whenever I urinate. I have absolutely no problem dealing with my arm throughout the day and have no need for pain medication. The only time I may take something is at night as there can be a slight hot pulsation feeling which makes it difficult to sleep.

I am trying to seek advice about the severity of the issue, if further professional followup is required, if self healing is a possibility and the cons/pros of self healing or with surgery. I have been dealing with my arm like this for about 1 & 1/2 week now. I understand that details are needed to give the best possible advice but please bear with what has been given.

Also, I have been recently added to my fathers insurance policy. The problem is, it's out of state insurance from where I am living now. I have heard that the ER will have no problem accepting it and the insurance co will be billed by them although is it possible that an independent orthopedic surgeon will also accept my out of state insurance?

I would thoroughly appreciate any help/advice.

Thank you very much,
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Its possible you were put in a "back slab" cast which is soft on one side. This was done to my broken wrist to allow for swelling immediatey after the accident. I then was called back to have a full fibreglass cast on after ten days or so.

The reason for going back for the full cast is that as the swelling reduces the cast then may become too lose to support the bones and thus could allow for poor healing. You need to go back for follow up to make sure that this doesnt happen, otherwise you could have trouble for the rest of your days!

As I live in the UK I can't comment of the insurance questions!

All the best for your recovery

Marion Bignell
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They said to go see an orthapedic specialist as thry did not have one on hand or on call.

They gave you temporary cast - you should go to yhe biggest hospital you can find - preferebly one with an orthopedic clinic and plaster room. Go into emergency there, during business hours, and tell them you were told to see an orthopedic. The ER should page one to pop in and ***** u.
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