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Broken rib during pregnancy

Hi doctor,

I broke a rib on my left back side from vomiting while I was 35 weeks pregnant & then gave birth to my daughter a week early at 39 weeks. It has been two years since I had my baby, however I am still in consistent pain on BOTH sides - mainly the left of course. I find it hard to sleep or sit comfortably, and stretching or taking really deep breaths can cause me in collapse in pain at times.

While pregnant, I read that the uterus can push the rib cage out by up to 5 cms. I am wondering if my rib partially healed while expanded from its original place and that is why I am still experiencing so much pain? I have noticed the pain getting more severe the thinner I am getting from losing the baby weight I put on in my pregnancy.

Any information or advice you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards, Haylie
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For your ribs to heal you had two prolems:
1) There is a constant inspiration and expiration due to respiration so as such it is difficult as you cannot put a cast etc.
2) Your pregnancy was a difficult condition for the ribs as your uterus reached above the ribs to the lowest part of the sternum in pregnancy so there was a constant push to the ribs and while after delivery there is again disturbance of the ribs as they move down a little.

So presently you have to go for a routine X-ray and check the condition of the rib and take an expert advice near an orthoapedician for an examination and healing. Take care!
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