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Bruise on inner knee


I am 19 this year and very involved in soccer. Four days ago I was playing in a tournament when I got kicked by another player on my inner knee, right beside the kneecap. The impact from the studs of the cleats colliding with my leg left a relatively big bruise, and there was swelling almost right away. I couldn't completely bend my shin inward towards my thigh (eg, doing a complete squat). There is a lot of pressure of my knee and a feeling of stiffness when I try to do a full squat. I've undergone a menisectomy and meniscus repair on this same knee about eight months ago, so I'm kind of worried because my knee is "fragile" and "damaged goods" now. I understand that this may be merely a superficial injury and there may be no ligament/tissue injury involved, but can anyone explain to me why bruising, or a hard knock, would cause such stiffness and limiting of my range of mobility? I've been icing it regularly, it's now four days later and the swelling has gone down about 80%. The site affected feels warm.

Thank you!
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Hi there!

Well, this could be a superficial bruise without any actual structural injury or may involve deeper strictures, ligaments, tendons etc, as well. I would suggest getting this evaluated by an orthopedician or a sports medicine specialist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile I would suggest resting the knee. Ice-packs and tylenol/ NSAIDS may be helpful for pain relief.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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