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Bunion Surgery: Orthopedic Surgeon vs. Podiatrist

My mom is scheduled to have a bunionectomy performed by a podiatrist in a couple of weeks.  Her feet have been hurting her badly for 25 years.  Recently, an orthopedic surgeon has warned against having a podiatrist perform the surgery.  It is obvious that she needs the surgery - but is there an advantage to having an orthopedic surgeon do the operation?  I am getting mixed opinions from medical doctors.
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Orthopedic Surgeon vs. Podiatrist; totally depends on the physician . If the orthopedist has not done a foot and ankle fellowship usually but always not a good choice. The podiatrist should be board certified by the American Board of Podiatry Surgeons; no others are a true surgical board.  In my area (Portland, Oregon) there are a number of fine orthopedic surgeons that have specialized training in the foot, as well as excellent trained podiatrists. It is interesting that those orthopedist and podiatrist that have better levels of training get along quite well with each other while those who do not argue and fight. If the some holds true in your area, I would question the orthopedists credentials who made the comment.

Thomas R. Palmer, D.P.M.

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I live in illinois chicago area, Joliet Illinois/  i need this bunion removed, but my situation is that i am covered by medicaid and i only have limited time to take off of work, is there any practices out there who i could see. it is so difficult to handle having this bunion. i am on my feet all day and my large right toe is turned, i am stuck wearing gym shoes, i have dry feet, calluses, and some thick toe nails..... it is so embrassing to even talk about.... my feet are tired, truely they are........ any advice will be sincerly considered.... thank you so much

m.b. joliet, illinois
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Thanks for posting this. In my opinion, bunion treatment is serious and needs to be performed. It doesn't matter who performs it, just as long as it is taken care of in a quick and orderly fashion.
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