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Burning pain on side of outer knee

63 yr. old female, former housecleaner for approximately 15 years.  Have osteoarthritis but developed a new problem with my knee a few years ago while kneeling only.  I was cleaning, knelt down on my right knee and had a ripping burning painful sensation to my right knee on the outer side, maybe a tiny bit below the knee cap itself.  I quickly moved, it stopped within a few moments but couldn't kneel again.  It seemed to dissipate after a few years but came back when I got down on all four playing with kids and pets.  Just the right knee.  I can say I actually had to look to see if I had ripped the skin it hurt that badly and of course there was nothing there.  Hard surfaces and trying to crawl make it impossible.  I don't understand why it went away but I've since retired yet it acted up again last night and continues.  Possibly a ligament, tendon, sheath?  More like skin pulling away.  Have not noted swelling or redness.  I will go to my primary tomorrow but hoping to get diagnosed so I don't have to wait the long period to see an orthopedic.  
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