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Bursitis with diffuse swelling and bruising

10 days ago I was caulking my tub. right after a golf ball size swell happened to form just below the patella.  Figured it was housemaids knee and went along my way.  Was lifting weights and doing squats no problem.  1 week later, kneeling down on grass situating a bonfire it happened again but this time way worse.  Much worse swelling around patellar tendon, diffuse swelling inferior into calf with pitting edema and bilateral bruising around knee and calf musculature.  Since then, 3 days ago, not much change. Sitting has no pain, when I try to stand and put pressure down immense pinching pain in anterior knee compartment.  After some flex/ext it subsides and I can walk with some discomfort but the body doesn't want me to bend the knee much.  Can this be from a bursa, patellar tendon partial tear , meniscus tear or even pulled some annular fibers around the knee disc???  Any help would be very appreciated as I do not have the means to get imaging done.
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