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Can I get my records from a crooked Chiropractor?

I went to see a chiropractor yesterday and he was running a special for new patients. 40$ get you x-rays, some scans I have never heard of before and he gets to go to Haiti and do charity work for his church.

Just as I thought my hips were lopsided "a lot" and he did an adjustment I paid him and asked me to come back the next day for a meeting to go over some things. He asked me to bring my husband too. I said sure and asked what the adjustment would cost and the receptionist said $35.00 for each adjustment which is about the going rate where I was from.

So I went back and the Dr. gave a power point. It seemed like he was trying to sell me, but I had already wanted to come see him so why was he trying to sell me? Well when the chiro is all done with his infomercial he takes me to the back and tells me all that he needs to do. Shows me that my pelvis is twisted and my pubic symphysis is way higher on one side than on the other. This explains the burning.

Then he drops the BOMB! He wants over$ 2300.00 up front for a year of service. I instantly feel a kinda stupid and taken advantage of. I just asked them what they charged and they never said anything about this. As soon as he gets the hint that I am poor he could not have kicked me out of that office quick enough.

This is the type of Doctor that gives good Doctors a bad name and makes people not seek help when they need it!

Now I want all of those x-rays. I do not want some shyster like this to have of my medical records. I live in Texas and I want to know if I can have those medical records.    
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You have a legal right to ANY and ALL of your medical records.  Go to his office, tell them you want a copy of ALL of your records, including test results and x-rays.  Some offices do charge for getting you these copies, however.  You will also have to sign a release form in order for them to give them to you.  If they give you any problems, tell that you know it is your legal right to receive a copy of all medical records and if they have any problem with that, they can take it up with the medical board - see how fast they get you out of the office WITH your records this time!!!

I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'm also very glad that you didn't agree to this "year of service" deal.  It's sounds like he is the type of "doctor" that would take your money and then you would never be able to get in to see him for an appointment, so then your $2300 would have been for NO appointments throughout the year.  He obviously is not a legit chiro - I don't know of any physician, chiro, phsyciatrist, etc - anybody that would request payment upfront for a supposed year of service - how do they know how many adjustments you're going to need during the year????  You may start out needing/wanting to go 2-3 times a week, but then not need/want to go for several weeks later on.  Was he specifiying a specific number of visits for the amount of $$?

You're very right - this is the type of doctor that gives other doctors a bad name.

Best of luck with getting your records - remember it is your right to have them.
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He also tried to solicit my husband for business. He went on and on about doing gods work. This is not how God worked!
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He said I had to go 3 times a week for the first 8 weeks. 2 times a week for 12 weeks and then 1 time for a few more weeks and then every other week.The after a year I could come in whenever I wanted. I had to adhere to that plan or they would not see me. I had to pay $2300.00 for the year upfront.

He also said that a cervical vertebra was out of place by an half an inch and said that Christopher Reeves was 3/4th inch. He said I was very close to paralysis. By this time I am laughing inside. I am sure I would be sipping beefstew from a straw by now if a cervical vertebra was out of place by 1/2 inch and cutting of 50% nerve signal to mt brain.

He made claims that he could treat people with HIV by giving them a 48% increase in the immune system productivity, and help people fit off cancer by increasing their immune system by 200%. By this time I was taking notes. He said he cured blindness. He kept saying that doctors are messing with god design "I should have ran there" and they only want to medicate you and kill you.

So when I went in today I told him I wanted my bone scan that I personally gave him form another doctors office back. He would not give me my x-rays that he himself took. I told him that if I had issues such as possible paralysis I should be seeing a neurologist, not a chiropractor. He got very huffy and said go see the doctor, they wont be able to help you.    
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I would definitely report this guy to the Better Business Bureau and the AMA or whatever association it is that chiropractors are a part of.  He's not interested in helping anyone but himself and his own pocketbook.

Like you said, if your cervical spine is that far out of whack and cutting off 50% of your brain's signals, you need to be seeing a neurologist or a neuro surgeon - one wrong "adjustment" could permanently paralyze you.

At the very least, I would send the guy a certified letter stating that you want a copy of the x-rays that you paid for (even though it was part of a "discount/special offer") as well as a copy of your file from his office.  If he refuses to give it to you directly, have it sent to your primary care physicians office and then you can get it from them.  As a part of your medical file, you have a right to a copy of all of it.  As I said, some doctors charge for providing copies of your record, however, it's not more than a couple of dollars per page and since you only saw him twice, your file can't be that big so it shouldn't cost much.

I guarantee you if this guy could actually produce the results he has stated, we would have a heck of a lot less people suffering with HIV, cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Keep us posted on what you find out.
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This sounds a lot like the charlatan I saw on Monday morning.  He took 2 x-rays, did NOTHING, then charged me $128 and said I had to schedule another appointment.  Prior to that, he keep encouraging me to "bring your husband".  Why would my husband take time off work for this??  Only one reason...the guy is trying to recruit more patients.

I can tell you that reporting these jerks to the BBB is an utter waste of time.  I've filed 3 reports with the BBB over my lifetime and they have NEVER done anything.  I filed one against this charlatan chiropractor and the BBB closed my complaint less than 24 hours later, claiming they had no ability to do anything.  They are completely useless.  The best I have been able to do is give this guy negative reviews/ratings online.  It is so frustrating.

But, yes, you have the legal right to get your medical records from this guy.  I am in the process of doing the same thing right now.  Good luck.
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