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Can biceps tendon subluxation make similar feeling like shoulder subluxation

Hello everyone. It passed 1 month after shoulder Bankart stabilization surgery after 2 dislocations. So far went quite well, and I had a good progres with therapy.
However, yesterday I was on a phone call without wearing a sling. I was holding the phone with my healty hand, and the treated arm was standing neutral by my body. At one moment I've made a supination move with my hand rotating extrnally, yet my arm left by the body, so I did not elevate the elbow. Suddenly, I felt that my shoulder is blocked for 1 second and something "went trough" it like I am having subluxation of the shoulder. However it lasted for 1 second so I can not describe it better.
Do you know  is it possible to have subluxation with this possiton and move, especially after the surgery where I have 3 anchors put. My surgeon tolds me that it could be the biceps tendon jumping, and that it is less likely to have luxation with this move,yet I am not sure whether biceps tendon can make a feeling that my shoulder is "locked". Have someone had similar experience.

Many thanks!

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