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Can i have a broken toe? Its been 2 months since i stubbed it

2 months ago i stubbed my toe on one of my dad's tools really hard. That day i put ice on it and it didnt swollen ir gotten purple. It got a little better but lately its been hurting a lot and I walk a lot with a limp. Its the big toe so sometimes its really hard walking and its affecting my ankle because i dont walk right. Should i go see a doctor?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Our feet are often taken for granted, aren't they?  Then something goes wrong with them and we are reminded how important they are in our daily lives.  If you are continuing to have pain and now 'walk with a limp' I would definitely recommend you go see your doctor to examine it.  The fact that you didn't have swelling or discoloration is a good sign that it wasn't broken but that doesn't mean it isn't injured or that you can completely rule that out. That you still have pain and it is impacting your walk though needs investigation.  An untreated toe fracture can lead to arthritis in the toe.  They will likely do an x ray and physical examination.  Here's information on toe fractures. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/broken-toe#1

Let us know how it goes!  
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