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Can someone explain the doctors notes?

So, in October - November 2021 I've had bursitis on my right knee for several weeks from prolonged kneeling possibly due to my old job which then turned into an abscess and was in hospital for a week on antibiotics with septic bursitis. The doctors were never sure how I developed it. If I remember correctly my doctor said it was gram positive cocci.

My doctor has referred me to specialists (still waiting, UK hospitals take a long time) due to something showing up on my knee X-rays that they done in the hospital while I was treated. The notes are the following: "Previous hx of pre patellar bursitis to R knee in October - ongoing pain since, not any worse, no swelling, no redness, note had abscess at time and burst itself, treated with oral antibiotics, xray in october of R knee showed acute bursitis, but also benign healing fibrous cortical defect of the posteromedial femoral metaphysis, patient states unable to exercise properly, struggles to kneel on her knee, good flexion, no fevers, no rash, - given f2f appt to review knee, ?PT"

Nowadays, I just get an on and off burning ish pain in my right knee randomly but it's ignorable. It's weaker than my left but both of my knees click and crack a lot and I'm still not 100% discomfort free if I try to kneel on my right one. I walk a lot for exercise, I was born with scoliosis and I have a fully fused spine since I was 13 but otherwise no other health issues. F/23 at the moment.

Can someone explain what the doctor means by benign healing fibrous cortical defect of the posteromedial femoral metaphysis?

Google keeps telling me "bone cancer" and "tumor" so I'm just looking for reassurance to be honest.

Thank you
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