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Can you damage your knee one month post-op on a stationary bike?

I was just cleared to get off the brace and crutches one month after ACL reconstruction (patellar autograft) and a meniscus repair. I was able to walk ok with a bit of a limp for the last 2 days. The physical therapist had me go on a stationary bike today for the first time, and I definitely could not do a full revolution, it’s still a bit swollen and I’ve only been able to bend my knee about 98 degrees so far. But on the way down, my leg got locked into the motion and it ended up forcing me into the full revolution, it hurt like heck and I swear I may have even felt a crunching sensation inside my knee. Since then, about 15 hours ago, it seems more swollen and wobbly. The physical therapist said the bike couldn’t do any damage, even if it hurt. Is this true? Or can the revolution movement actually have ripped out sutures on my meniscus or something??? I’ll obviously talk to my surgeon but tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m terrified I’ve somehow reversed my surgery :(
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You over extended your new ligament. All of my ACL surgeries I was off crutches approx. 6 days and never did the brace. But I know all about over extending and you will be fine. It's good to get up and moving and stretching all of that as soon as possible
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