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Can you play soccer with a broken Metacarpal

My 15 year old son broke his 5th metacarpal in his non-dominant hand (45 degree angulation). He desperately wants me to find a doctor to set it, cast it and let him play soccer. We are inclined to let the Doc pin it, effectively ending his season. This has raised a question from my son that I'm having a tough time answering. He constantly sees kids with casts on their hands/arms playing soccer and he can't understand why he can't do the same thing. Obviously, we can't know the nature of the other kids injuries. Is this the type of injury that doctors would cast and let athletes resume playing or is this the type of injury that most doctors would recommend no playing time for up to 6 weeks (as ours has).
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In soccer, you're not supposed to use your hands. So, isn't it obvious when using the logic of a 15 year-old that one can play soccer with a broken hand?

Why not use this opportunity to teach your son about unintended consequences and the wisdom of acting conservatively with a body part that he'd likely want to use for the rest of his life without pain?

Do you really need medical authority to keep him from playing?
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