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Can't rotate my left arm to the left

I have never broken my left arm before but whenever I try to rotate it to the left palm up it causes a sharp pain which follows by pain shivers. Keep in mind I am double jointed and could always do this.
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You don't say where in the arm it hurts.  Is it the shoulder?  The elbow?  The wrist?  The biceps?  Where it hurts would help in telling what's going on.  I have a similar problem, but I have a lot going on so nobody's ever really been able to pin things down for me.  I've been told my arm pain, which comes every time I go back to lifting weights, is from disc problems in my neck, from my shoulders, and uh, I dunno.  That's where the docs always come out, I dunno.  But again, could be you tweaked the elbow given the movement that is hurting.  Could be something called biceps tendonitis.  It's possible it's from the shoulder, but if it was it would hurt in the shoulder area.  If it's nerve impingement rather than a muscle tweak or joint tweak, though, it could be coming from anywhere above that area, as shoulder, elbow, biceps, and neck problems can all cause inflammation that impinges on nerves that travel down the arm.  If it bothers you, might be time to see an orthopedic surgeon and get some diagnostic testing done.  If it doesn't bother you and as said above, you don't need to do that particular move, sometimes it's best to avoid docs on these things.  You can also try icing, resting, and elevating for a couple of weeks and see if it helps.  
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Hey! It hurtd near the wrist up to elbow
But keep in mind my entire neck has also been rather stiff recently and cracking a lot when moving it
As I said, where it hurts is probably where the problem is, and you probably did something to tweak it.  It could be other things, like referred pain from nerve impingement further up on the arm or from the neck, but again, most likely you probably hurt your forearm, because that's what you're describing.  Could even have slept on it in a way your body didn't like.
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Hi.  How old are you and when is the last time you could do this? Is this a movement you need to do or is the ONLY time it hurts is if you move in this position? I'd, obviously, try not to do the movement if you don't have to and see if it gets better.  If it doesn't, we can get impingement in the shoulder, tendonitis or bursitis. This is usually if you feel pain at the tip of your shoulder and then down your arm.  Since it happens when you move your arm the way you describe,it sounds to be related to the rotator cuff. See if it gets better but if it continues, get checked with your doctor.  Rotator cuff injuries are not fun!
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17 and female, I'd say the pain is from wrist up to elbow
I could do this movement 5 days ago I would say. And it hurts just trying to turn it to the left at all. I keep trying to brush my retainer so I try to use my left ark to turn it to the left amd that usually triggers it to go off
It's been going on for about 4 days now
But keep in mind my entire neck has also been rather stiff recently and cracking a lot when moving it
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