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Cavernous Hemangioma causing frequent fractures in foot?

I was diagnosed with a cavernous hemangioma when I was a young girl. It is located in multiple areas, and I was told by doctors at Mayo Clinic that it was also located in my right femur. I am now 43 and have had at least five (known) fractures in my right foot. Almost every one of the fractures occurred while simply walking normally. A bone density test came back normal. Is it possible that the hemangioma is causing all of these fractures? If so, is there a treatment? I'm desperate to not go through this one to two times a year!
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Hi there!

Haemangiomas are usually benign lesions and a haemangioma in the femur is unlikely to be responsible for fractures in the foot. Other than low bone density, there could be other few causes involved. I would suggest discussing the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating orthopedician.
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Take care!

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