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Cervical MRI-severe left neural foraminal enchroachment C5-6

Greetings, and thank you for your help in advance. :)  I just had my MRI, have the report but cannot see my MD for 2 weeks.  Would like to know (in layman's English terms please) what this means:

C2-3:  Mild left neural foraminal stenosis is seen as a consequence of osteophyte formation.  The right neural foramen is widely patent as is the spinal canal.  No significant focal disc protrusion or extrusion is seen.

C3-4: There is a mild left foraminal broad-based disco-osteophytic protrusion seen that causes mild to moderate left neural foraminal stenosis.  The right neural formamen is widely patent.  There is no spinal canal stenosis.

C4-5: There is a central posterior broad-based disco-osteophytic protrusion seen causing a mild ventral thecal sac deformity but no significant spinal canal stenosis.  The neural formina are widely patent.

C5-6:  There is a diffuse disco-osteophytic bulge seen that causes a moderate ventral thecal sac deformity with narrowing of the spinal canal to 9 or 10 mm in AP diameter.  There is severe right and moderate left neural formina enchroachment.

C6-7:  There is a central to left paramedian focal disco-osteophytic protrusion seen causing a mild to moderate left paraventral thecal sac deformity and mild spinal canal stenosis.  The spinal canal is narrowed to 9 to 10 mm in AP diameter.  In addition, there is a mild left and moderate right neural foraminal encroachment.

Now, its important to note that I no longer eat rocks on a daily basis, so I have to rule out that I have a rock of some kind in my neck, yet sometimes it just feels like it.  I've tried trigger point injections, physical therapy, healing touch therapy, epidural injections, and of course mild pain medication, but nothing seems to help (least not for long).

I guess I'm trying to determine if this will go away on it's own (it's been about 8 months now that it's been really bothering me enough to seek medical help), or if I'm pretty much doomed for surgery if I want any long-term relief.  I'm only 44 years old, relatively fit, and in other aspects pretty well off compared to many other people, so any advice or insight on this from folks would be lovely.

thanks again in advance!
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