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Chipped bone left foot

I apparently have a chipped bone on my left foot, was given the CAM BOOT to wear for 6 weeks. Still in constant pain and given some meds ( not pain ) for this.

The X-rays showed where it chipped off from, like a puzzle piece you can SEE how it would fit back in its spot. And the ligament behind it or next too it -- Dr. could not see if it was attached to that ligament or not. But the piece of bone is just floating there.

Main question is, if this cam boot does not aid in healing it, as Ive had constant pain since Nov. with my foot and finally saw the Doctor ( my fault thinking it was just sprained all this time! )  A friend said a chipped bone is not considered 'broken' and nothing more can be done.

WHAT would the next option be? Surgery to remove that fragment of bone? Thanks so much for the advice/help.
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Hi there!

Well, a cam boot does nothing to the healing per say but transfers the body weight to avoid stress in the region of the fracture/ injury, thus aiding in the healing process. If the piece of bone is small, non-displaced and without any attachment, conservative management may be preferred. Interventional measures or surgery may be considered if conservative management fails and there are significant symptoms attributed to the fracture. It would be best to discuss the situation and the appropriate management plan in detail with your treating orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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A Evenup shoelift will level out your gait while you are in a fracture boot.  Just search Evenup shoelift and you will find lots of sites that sell it
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