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Chronic Leg Cramps

Hello all. Since he was a little kid, my teenage son has experienced leg cramps several times a month. Similar to a Charley Horse, they last for hours and really only stop when wrapped in an ACE bandage or when he takes medicine (ibeuprofin or acetamenophin). They seem to happen more frequently after exercise, but he always stretches and they still come. He drinks a lot of water as well and exercises almost every day for about an hour. Sometimes they are more frequent, happening several times a week, but others times one won't happen for two or three weeks (usually once or twice a week at the minimum). What could this be? I originally thought just growing pains, but this has been happening for years. (He is almost fifteen and five foot one). I've heard it could also be Deep Vein Thombrosis, but I want to see if anybody else can help me out. Thanks and have a great day!
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Ive had great relief with magnesium  oil by Life flo, Theraworks magnesium  foam but i need to apply more often. I enjoy an essential oil Deep Blue cream by Viola i get from Amazon. Its a third of the cost of what my massage therapis sells. I believe the wintergreen  oil in it either numbs or distracts  from the pain. Wh!tever the sectete, i love it but for the pain of rubbibg it in. Hylands leg cramps is great too. 2nd main ingredient  is Arnica, a homeopathic  antiinflamitory. Spinal stenosis is what causes my severe calf pain. I wish you well, and especially  your son. Sometimes it can be growing pains. It still hurts.
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So, what do you do with the oils?  Rub them in?
Yes. The past 2 days I've had great releif with the oil and top with the deep blue cream. I hope you find something that helps
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