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Chronic lateral ankle and foot pain

In March 2010 I had started a 12 week fitness challenge and was the fittest I had ever being. I was jogging/running 5 to 10km a day on the Treadmill. Having pre-existing knee problems, pain set in, so I was advised by Dr's and trainer to use the Elliptical Trainer. The first time I used the elliptical I kept it easy and did a steady 5km, when I hopped off I had a searing pain shoot from the outside of my left ankle to my toes and up the back of my leg (there was no awkward landing or rolling of the foot). The pain was like a jolt and intense but after sitting for a few minutes it dissipated and I could walk with a slight feeling of weakness that went away after a few steps. I got on with my day and about an hour later as I was walking the jolt of pain happened again, this kept happening and continued to get worse and more constant. I used the RICE principal and took a few days off exercise. The pain didn't improve, there was some very minor swelling (barely noticeable) but no bruising or obvious injury. I went to the Dr and she ordered x-rays which came back all clear. I was told it was likely a sprain, to strap it and use it without pushing to hard. It got to the point that the simple act of putting shoes on had me in tears, I was barely moving but kept getting told there was nothing wrong and I had to just put up with it. I ended up with all over body pain, and lots of other issues, was then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and when ever I brought up my ankle pain it was put off as part of Fibromyalgia. In November 2010 I pushed for them to do more about my ankle and had an MRI which also came back clear. At this point I gave up and figured it was part of Fibromyalgia and just sucked it up.

My fitness levels have suffered tremendously as any activity (including swimming) aggravated my ankle. It has now been over 5 years of this. Earlier this year I found an amazing Dr and my Fibromyalgia is fully undercontrol (barely an issue) with Lyrica. For the first 2 weeks on the lyrica I had next to no ankle pain (I wasn't very active though) but since increasing my activity levels (just walking, a maximum of 5km/h on a treadmill and even less off) the pain is back with a vengence.

Since day one the pain has been pre-dominately localised on the lateral side and mainly over the cuboid bone. The shooting pain starts there and goes under the ankle bone and up the back of the calf. It is now spreading over the top of the foot, the heel and the achilles tendon area. I also now have pain over the 4th & 5th toes when I lift them. There is also pain when lifting off walking. I feel unstable on that leg, especially on my toes. I can't fully rotate the foot without pain on a good day, on a bad day I physically can't rotate it at all (it's when rotating to the outside that the pain is worst). The pain isn't constant but it is every single day and is worst in the morning and when I have been active, rested and then tried to weight bear or during prolonged activity (as in more than 20 minutes) Some days I can barely walk and am in tears other days it is constant twinges. Walking on uneven ground is hell.

Today I had an ultrasound on the foot. The sonographer told me there are degenerative changes, calcification in the area of the Cuboid bone, 4th metatarsal, Calcaneal bone. Also something about narrowing in the joint. He also said something about blood, but I didn't catch the name he used.

I am seeing my Dr tomorrow for full results but after all my years of being blown off and ignored I really want some advice on what questions I need to ask and what my symptoms suggest. I honestly can't put up with this anymore and need to know what to ask for treatment wise. If I am told to try physio and see how it goes I think I will explode as I have done 5 years of that to no avail. Please help me....
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