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Compartment Syndrome in leg.

My husband and I married in India on 2/2/14. Two days later we had a bike wreck. A simple leg break, for him, turned into a Compartment Syndrome. We now think the first surgeon he had may have been to blame. We were informed that incisions to relieve pressure are never as large as my husbands--his is the full length from the side of his knee to his ankle. Anyways, it has been a horrible experience for him. Six surgeries, so far, and much pain and suffering for him over the past year. However, he's gradually been healing and slowly getting sensations back; although, due to an infection and some tissue death, one of surgeons got knife happy and cut out so much muscle in his leg, he now has a permanent dent in the front of his shin. Thankfully, he's getting back his sensations in his foot, though; because no one could be sure if he would or not, or how long it would take. He still walks with a walker, but has began to use a cane, sense the removal of screws in his leg. One was rubbing against the inside of his knee and causing much pain and irritation. He received instant relief after it's removal. He now can slightly wiggle at least 3 toes. Here's some videos of his ordeal. The 1st is of his story, in the start of it all. The second is an update we gave, prior to many of his sensations returning, the last is of his toes moving. I keep updating his progress on Youtube. Warning! Very graphic images.

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