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Continued Knee Pain

Five years ago I had reconstructive knee surgery for my ACL and medial and lateral meniscus. Well about two months ago, I woke up and was unable to walk on my leg. My knee was swollen and there was just a burning sensation. I waited about a week to see if the swelling went down. When it didn't, I went and saw my priamry care physician. He referred me to a orthopedic specialist. My right knee was causing much pain on the outside area, and when I would walk it felt like my knee would try to slip out of joint. Like the outter area of my knee was pulling it out. I went and saw a specialist, they took an x-ray and didn't see any damage. He moved my leg around in every motion possible and said I more than likely tore my meniscus again on the outside and that is why it is giving out. Right when I walked out of the office that day, my knee started popping on the inside part of my knee- which was never a problem before- and then gave out on the outside again. I was in so much pain, and couldn't walk for a week. The doctor prescribed me darvaset, but even that didn't work. The inside of my knee burned and hurt to even touch at that point. I got an MRI after that visit. When I went back to see my Dr. again, he said I only have a small tear in my menisuc on the inside of my knee and that he doesn't think I need surgery. He shot me up with cortisone, warned me it would be sore for a day or two, and then said to just go get a check up in a month.
I got the cortisone shot 3 days ago, the pain, popping, and knee giving out has not gone away.  I know that is not what the cortisone shot is intended for, but I feel as though this injury is more serious than what the doctor is saying. I don't understand why my knee is giving out on the outside and hurting behnd my knee on the outside if the tear is on the outter rim of the inside of my knee. Is this common? Also right above my knee cap really hurts, like something is tugging at it. I haven't been able to walk and am extremely frustrated that this Dr. is not taking an aggressive approach on me knee since it has been almost 3 months since the injury now, and nothing has changed- if anything it is getting worse. I don't know what to do, or perhaps does this sound like there is more to this injury than just a small tear? any suggestions would be of great help. Also, I will NEVER get a shot of cortisone in my knee again. I don't believe in temporary fixes, and feel like something immediate needs to be done about this problem before it gets any worse.
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it sounds like my problem. My knee was loose, and I had too bg of a ball in when they did my knee replacement., I had another seorgeon do my 2nd surgery, and I feel finer now except for my muscles, now they are dead. I cant bring my knee up by itself. Pain is unbearable. Ask your Dr. to do a bone scan, that will show t\if there is loosing in the knee.
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your problem sounds just like mine.
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