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Cracking Joints with Pain


I started walking as a form of exercise recently but right after i started my knees started cracking alot and with alot of pains in the left knee. It got swollen and i went to the doctor, she checked me and said to rest it and told me the tendons were sore, she also thought i may have rheumatoid arthritis so i got some blood test done and we are awaiting the test results. She gave me joint supplement and pain meds to take which helped.

I have since rested it for two weeks and now just as i started walking again it has now started again causing my entire leg to feel cramped. Now from i get out of bed in the mornings to going back at night all my joints crack all day.

Help i am going crazy i dont know what to do, i have always had cracking joints since i was a child but now this is depressing me as i need to loose weight and the nutritionist thinks walking is the best thing for me know.

Help!!! What do i do?
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I would suggest you to rule out any pathology in your legs and then go ahead.

Get an MRI done and diagnose soft tissue problems and discuss in detail with an orthopedician and come to a diagnosis.

Rule out rheumatoid arthritis.

Continue pain killers and supplements and continue your cardio after getting a go ahead from the orthopedician.

Take care!
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I would ask for an MRI to make sure that your ACL and Meniscus is in tact.  Now that it is summer, you can try water aerobics and swimming, which is much easier on the knees.  Even if it is rheumatoid arthritis, you can still do water exercise.  I would also recommend checking in to a community center or health club which may have an indoor pool to use during the colder months.  Swimming and water aerobics is a great form of exercise, great for losing weight and good for your heart.  I actually find that the pounds come off quicker when using water exercise.  Be sure to always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.  I hope this helps you and that you find an answer soon.
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