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Cyclist problem feet

I'm a cyclist. I having huge pain in left calf muscles for about year(overreacting trainig), but it is not always, so I could cycling further. Between winter I make trains with indoor smart trainer, where I get new thing... painful achilles(it costs 4weeks to be better)...Last time I notice some extracted bone on my feet. I usually make drills for plantar fascia, to help random calf pain(feet with fingers up near wall, closing). When I do this now, it hurt bone further from ankle, and gets out, what is this? I attached images. Thanks for help and advices. I'm 30years.


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I couldn't tell anything from your pictures.  I really think the best thing to do is to see a doctor to examine you.  You sound like a pretty serious cyclist.  Sometimes our bodies begin to want 'less' as we get older and you may need to scale down a bit.  But you are still pretty young.  You do have a really thorough stretching and strength program you follow? As into it as you are, I'm assuming so.  But that is important if not. It can prevent all sorts of issues even plantar fasciitis. One of the big things that affects foot pain are shoes.  How are your cycling shoes?  Here's an article, maybe something will ring a bell there too. https://www.cyclingweekly.com/fitness/bike-fit/injury-prevention-foot-pain-149113
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