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Cystitis in the ulna bone

I have cystitis in the wrist end of the ulna bone. It feels like carpal tunnel syndrome and force such as turning on a very stiff tap can set it off and the bone where the infection is becomes extremely painful and cannot be used for 10 days or so. why does this happen? Is there a cure/treatment for it?
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Hi there!

Management of bone cysts is largely dependent on the type of cyst, its size, location and associated symptoms. If symptomatic curettage/ graft may be indicated. If the cyst is located outside the bone it may need to be excised. Inflammation of the cyst or cystitis is largely dealt with anti-inflammatory medication. Antibiotics are indicated if infection is suspected. It would be best to discuss the management plan in detail with your treating orthopedician.
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Thankyou ffor your help. I now know a bit more. the cyst I think is on the out side, bot the ' lumpy' bit on the wrist just up a bit from the back of the hand, gets quite swollen when it is aggravated, as opposed to my other wrst also has it but it is now where near as bad. It started when I was working in a poultry farm and it just got painful one day. I thought it was RSI becuase I was grading the eggs on an old macj\hine  and forever twisting my wrists pickin up the eggs. 320 dozen eggs aprox,. in a day' Thankyou for clarafing the situation.
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