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Damaged knee, need advice please?

I have had knee problems for years and was told by the physo that it was because my knee was not inline with the rest of my leg and it was being twisted.

I now have pain everyday, it pops, clicks, gives way, locks.  The pain can be anywhere from around the knee to the inside.  I am an active person and am always on the go.  I got hit by a bike a month ago and the popping and clikcing and the giving out has became worse and now I have pain above the shin bone just below my left knee.

The doctos said it was soft tissue damage and it will heal within a week but its past over a month now and its worse than ever.  What should I do and what could be wrong?

Thank you am only 18 so I do want to get this sorted out.


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I agree your doctor,It is soft tissue damage,but, unfortunately, it will not heal within a week ,as this damage located in fat pad behinding kneecap,which is hard to heal quickly,so see orthopaedic doctor,mention " chondromalacia patella",then...
Good luck!
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I forgot to mention that I have a good few months of physo (stretching and strange exercises), this was unsucessfull.

I am being sent back to a Physo for a few more months then  if that doesnt work hopefully to a Orthopedic Surgeon.

Thank you for you post.

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Hello Dear,

The pooping knee may be due to the tear in the meniscus, typically the discoid meniscus.
Conservative treatment consisting of exercises and stretching can be performed.You should see an orthopedic suegeon and get an x-ray done to know the pathology.
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