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De Quervains can the pain spread across the wrist/hand

I have been diagnosed with DeQuervains but am concerned that there is more going on. Every site I look at says it is felt at the base of the thumb or wrist but although I know I have De Quervains (the test was quite painful) the worst of the pain will often be not those two tendons next to each other but the thumb tendon that is closer to the top of the wrist and if i pinch my thumb and forefinger together there is a sharp pain where the finger and thumb tendon meet on top at the wrist. Today though I am feeling extreme pain across the wrist, if i pinch anything then pull on it or a moment ago just squeezed a flannel and pain shot across the wrist.

I have had cortisone which worked once or twice but not as effective and done a lot of stretching and strengthening but it all seems to no avail. I had an MRI but I don't even believe they looked any further than the two thumb tendons and although I am not scared about surgery I am worried that there could be more going on.

It has been going on now for around 3 or 4 years and maybe this is what happens when you leave it too long so I am trying to see if people who had the problem for a long time found the pain spread further away.

Thanks very much
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