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Dead Scaphoid 12 years after scaphoid transplant

I fell off a roof in 2003, broke both my wrists. The right wrist scaphoid died and had to have a transplant from my radius bone. Now, I have found out that it has died as well (it did last a long time). The orthopedic surgeon is suggesting that my best bet is Joint Fusion. Since that appointment, I have looked around and found other options that I did not ask about in the consultation. Four Corners Fusion looks like a good option, does anyone have any experience with that? What about Proximal Row Carpectomy?

My concern with the total fusion is the lack of movement. I ride a Harley, I wakeboard (should be able to grasp the tow rope), I also work in construction. And PLAY GUITAR, that's the worst, what kind of movement will I have in my hand to hold a pick? Also, when the muscles want to move, won't they pull on the fused bone and that would cause pain too? Doc says the pain would be gone. I have doubts.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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I can tell you that my Mom broke her left wrist approx 3-5 times as a young adult falling off horses, and at that time had an attempted bone graft that never really worked. Recently... (she is now an active 80 yr old) had a proximal row carpectomy. She still has pain and wishes she had taken the fusion option.
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