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Deformity of legs

My Son - Sameer, Age 13 years, is suffering with Wind Swept Deficiency of legs. About six years ago we observed this and showed it to our local ortho.  He suggested clip surgery but later on found rickets and advised treatment of rickets and splints for both legs. Now, we observed it is deteriorating and  came to know about Dr. Mathew Verghese and we took him to St. Stephen's Hospital, Registration no.P126348.  He advised a surgery wherein the clipping is done in both the knees. since wee were already advised the same surgery six year ago by a Dr. near our residence. We took him their, as we were told it would require regular visits.  My son has now undergone for the said surgery.  

However, I understand it would take a long time for correction.  I would like to know do we have some other methods to correct it without any side effects.  An early reply will be highly appreciated.

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Hi there!

Minor cases of genu valgum or windswept deformity can be corrected in childhood with the help of orthotic devices/ braces and adequate nutrition depending on the metabolic error; while severe cases or those that persist into late childhood/ adulthood would require a surgical correction (corrective osteotomy). Without knowing the severity of the deformity and the relevant clinical details, it would be difficult to comment further than this. It would be best to discuss the situation in detail with his treating orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank you very much for your detail advise.

If, possible, kindly share your e-mail ID, I would like to send his X-rays to get your expert advise.

Thanks once again.
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