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Difference between MRI and MR Screening

I am a patient of Ankylosing Spondylitis. MRI report showed that there was a nerve root compression and in the month of October 2007, I had an operation at L-4 and L-5. But  one month after the operation I felt the same problem. A burning sensation is there right from my left buttock to left big toe. Now I am also having  shooting pain from time to time from my left buttock to left big toe travelling from the back of my left leg and aggravates  while sitting.(prior to the operation there was no shooting pain, only burning sensation was there). My Doctor (neurosurgeon) said that the operation was successful, there might be nerve root compression in some other places or it might be some other thing. Now, I asked him to do a MRI but he advised me to  do a MR Screening of my whole spine saying that it will be less expensive.

Now, I want to know that:-
1). what is the difference between MRI and MR Screening?
2). Is it possible to know from MR Screening whether the operation at L4-L5 was successful or not.
3). Can you tell why I am having shooting pain.
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