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Disc Degenerative Disease? Rare or common?

Is this disease pretty common or rare? My daughter who is only 31 just got diagnosed with "mild disc degenerative disease" in the neck region and I find this quite strange as I am doing some research online and find that it's part of the aging process..... but at 31? Her symptoms were pain, weakness in the arms, tingling, fatigue.

I don't understand if it's something that is quite common or if it's rare.  I would appreciate some input.  I also found a lot of info that talks about it being usually associated with legs, so I'm assuming it's usually in the hip area not in the neck area? Any comments would be appreciated...thanks!

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I would like to add that her symptoms have been going on for the last 3 years so this started in her 20s. Thanks a lot! :)
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Hi there!

A degenerative disc disease is not particularly uncommon for an older age group, while it is relatively less common among the younger generation. However recently there has been an increasing trend in youngsters developing the condition. This may be attributed to inappropriate body posture, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, lack of proper nutrition etc.
             Well, DDD usually involves a part of the spine. When the cervical spine or the neck region is affected, the symptoms occur around the neck, shoulders arms etc. When it involves the lower part of the spine or the lower back, symptoms occur around the back, hips, legs etc. Since hers’ a mild DDD she has a good chance of recovery with adequate nutrition, proper posture, exercises (as recommended by a physiotherapist) etc
Hope this information helps.

Take care!
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Thanks Dr. Kaul.

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