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Distal biceps tendon rapture

Dear Michael L. Gross MD,
I lifted up a heavy thing 25 days ago, which turned out of my hands. I felt strong pain. My right hand biceps jumped up towards the shoulders.

The hospital diagnosed as sprains.

Last week I had an MRI examination. The doctor said I have a distal biceps tendon ruptures.
The doctor told me that it should be operated but the 4 weeks it too late for a surgery and it would be very complicated.
My question is the surgery not dangerous 4-5 weeks later the injury? My doctor has never made a distal biceps surgery. (55 years old sport doctor). I think I have to find an expert, who has already made a lot of surgery like this, but here in Hungary it is very difficult, because there is just 3-4 injury like this.
Currently, I can do everything with my hands, twist, and raise. If I try to raise a heavy thing, or I try to screw, I feel a burning pain in my hand.

I work in an office, if I don’t let my tendon to operate, what will happen? I feel that my hand is better and better day by day. Today's status will be better or worse without a surgery?

Here in Hungary very rarely injury is a distal biceps tendon rupture. Very important for me to move and use my hand and fingers fine, because I work with a computer and I drawing with my hands. Weight heavy things are not important, but of course I will not to live a worse life than now.

I uploaded the MRI images here, you can watch them: http://www.kaposvar.net/distalbiceps/
I need to decide quickly about the surgery, but I cannot. Please give me an advice in this.

Thank you for your help and reply.
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