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Distal phalanx fracture?

Index finger distal phalanx fracture:


The radiologist said i'm fine, the doc said it's a fracture and buddy-taped me (said i could take off the buddy tape if i find it difficult to type with it).

Is this a real fracture? Can i take the buddy-tape off? Can i do some programming?

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Please let us know how you are doing as follow up.  best, the medhelp team
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The image quality is degraded  and suboptimal for diagnostic interpretation. If your diagnosis is unclear, you can seek clarification with your ordering doctor and/or interpreting doctor (radiologist). A nondisplaced distal phalanx fracture is a real fracture but you are fine in the sense that this is typically treated conservatively without surgery. You should keep the buddy tape on until your doctor tells you it is ok to take it off. This is important to ensure that it heals correctly and to prevent displacement and/or additional complications.
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Thank you so much for your help on the forums and information.  It is very appreciated.
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