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Doctors just guessing whats wrong.

So I have had this knee problem for 2 months. I exercise and had been doing "Insanity". I didn't have a specific moment I injured it. I jus noticed it getting painful over the course of a few days. I stopped exercise all together. I have some knee pain in a few different places around the kneecap and ITB and and uncomfortable "catching" sensation with every bend. I've went to 2 different doctors and had MRI and xray. MRI showed no damage but "just a little ganglion cyst in the joint 4mm". The first doctor just said it's just jumper's knee and rest with no brace needed. The second doctor says it's probably just some plica that needs to be scraped away. He gave an anti-inflammatory and a brace and said in 3 weeks if no improvement then have surgery to remove plica. I later googled plica and my pain isn't even where it says the pain should be. It feels like they are just guessing what to do. Plus, isn't 3 weeks a little fast to be moving to have surgery? I can bear weight just fine. The pain is when I am walking and lift the leg up in my step. Also it feels weak to walk down steps on this leg. I had to discontinue the anti-inflammatory meds because of a bad reaction.

I guess after a few weeks I am going to find a third doctor, but does anyone have any opinions on what is wrong with my knee?
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