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Elbow Pain, Long Time, Tenderness to Touch

For probably about a month now, my left elbow has been hurting. When i am not doing anything, I do not notice it at all, however, as soon as I touch it or put pressure on it in any way (working out or lifting something or even just flexing my bicep) there is a dull yet painfull pain right on the bone of my elbow. Somebody please help me whether or not i should check this out or not, which if i dont NEED too i do not want too because of the cost of the exam. Also if you have any ideas to what it could be please tell me. Thank you
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You should go for a simple X-ray and an Orthopaedic follow up to diagnose the problem.

Diagnosing it early helps treat your problem perfectly. Do not lift weights or pull or push with that elbow. Take some intermittent anti inflammatory drugs:  and also ice that area.

Take care!
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