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Electric shock sensation inside ankle

I have a slight swelling at bottom of shin on inside above the right ankle asked 3 doctors and got 3 different diagnosis
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.  It would be helpful for what the three diagnoses were.  Why did you not trust any of the doctors to seek different opinions, if I may ask? A lot of times, an electric shock feeling in the legs or ankle would be due to damage of the peripheral nerve. It can also be due to disruption in the lumber spin for electric shock feelings in the leg.  More information would be helpful such as your symptoms and what proceeded this.  
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Hi the first doctor told me a strained tendon on side of foot  gave me exercises to do made no difference only got worse, second doc told me possibly arthritis had an ex ray rule this out came back negative so she said no further action. But clearly something not right. Third doctor thinks it's a torn muscle in lower leg but pain was there months before the swelling.
Okay, thanks for that information.  I would recommend you revisit the first or second doctor.  Do they know that you did not recover after seeing them?  When do as they recommend, seeing them to follow up and say that this did not work or it is still causing issues pushes them to go to the next step.  Lots of things will get better with time and when they don't, further follow up is essential.  I've seen great results with ice baths and salt baths.  Have you tried either of these?
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