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Excruciating hip/pelvis/lower back pain.

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on my situation.
7 years ago I had a bad fall after being thrown from a horse.
This resulted in being hospitalised for a week, with excruciating pain in my right hip.
There was no fracture but I did have severe burning/pins & needles feeling in the muscle around my hip for months.
I lost all sensation to the muscle and it remains numb.
I have frequent flair ups where I suffer pain deep inside the hip & would develop quite a bad limp.
Four months ago, I had the worst flair up to date.
It was a sudden onset, which was bad pain deep inside the hip.
The pain was so uncomfortable that I couldn't sit/stand/lie for long periods of time.
My lower back L4/L5 is also causing me a great deal of discomfort and is extremely tender to touch.
I am suffering with pain across my pelvis and groin.
I have had x-rays which show no breaks.
A bone scan which showed a bony island on the neck of the femor that they have reported as normal???
I have been having physio for two and a half months but this is very limited as working the hip aggravates the back and vice versa.
My physiotherapist believes the hip and back problems are two seperate problems that I happen to be unfortunate enough to be suffering at the same time.
I had an MRI scan yesterday and will have the results early next week.
Can anyone please help me? I am at the end of my tether with this, I am in constant pain and very limited to what I can do.

Thank you,
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Dear Pdf
I can't believe what I am reading.  It is like a mirror image of what I am
My story
I was slam dunked off a horse into a side hill very hard about 12 years ago.
But, on going in to doc 2 days later...we lived out of town and didn't want to call for an ambulance.
I had huge internal bleeding, apparently I was fortunate that that did not kill me.
I was xrayed and no broken bones and everything in right place.

I have had pain exactly as you describe.  It is difficult to pinpoint.
Seems to encompass everything at different times between my waist and my groin.  I have wondered, kidneys?, liver?, uterus?, ovaries?, hip dispacement...minor.  Doc agrees could be and says I probably have a number of things going on at once.
I know I have some mechanical problems with my hips and some "minor" osteoarthritis was noted in one of them and it has been suggested that I get a hip replacement.  I do not feel that what I have been shown on the xrays and the minor sensation I feel of bone on bone
pain is what is causing all of this other pain.  I am still searching for the answer.  The latest...they have done multiple vaginal ultrasounds and an MRI on my lower back.  No answer yet from the MRI, but something small was seen on the ultrasounds,  I have begun post menopausal spotting so this may be the cause. Fyrbroids?  They don't label it so I am guessing. The gynecologist says "he can stop the bleeding for me" by doing a D&C.  Well the bleeding isn't that bad, other than it has gone on for a long time.  My Mom says no different than what happened with her during menopause.  So now what?  I am beginning to feel that all these doctors are just looking for ways to either sell me more pain relievers or get me under the knife and don't trust any of them.  None have looked me in the eye and said...this is what is wrong...so I feel that I need to keep searching.  
Do you get sciatic type nerve pain?  I have been having nerve sort of pain.  They have put me on "Lyrica" which works very well by the way, but the effectiveness seems to be wearing  off sooner now as my body gets used to it.  
Still haven't decided about the D&C.  They tried to rush me to make an appointment for the surgery...why..is this life threatening? they don't want me to change my mind?  why?
Still no answers.
The pain is migrating it seems.  I have sore pressure points now higher up on my rib cage and down to my hip points.  That and the "Lyrica" working to some degree makes me think it is nerve related.  I wonder is a fybroid somehow pushing on my sciatic nerve?
I had encephalitis 2 years ago...the doc said he was concerned I may have cancer os something else going on because my immune system was compomised...but no answers.  I wonder if the hormone changes are causing this.  
Any answers would be so much appreciated.


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