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Feet always burn when standing

My pain began about 5 years ago. Both my feet hurt/burn after standing only a short time. It's like I have been standing on them for 12 hours. Relief does come with sitting or laying down. Walking doesn't hurt as much. Plantar factitious was first diagnosed. I went through 6 months of physical surgery, platelet rich plasma injections, inserts (twice) and finally surgery. I went to another doctor who sent me to a neurologist. Everything was found to be normal besides having low b12 and low vitamin d. I have since been getting injections and taking vitamins, but my b12 levels still continue to be around 180. I was then sent to the University of MN where is was found I had a large multiloculated cystic structure which was surgically removed along with having tarsal tunnel release surgery. Since it didn't help, the doctor was sure it was nerve related. He sent me to a pain specialist who prescribed Cymbalta and then Gabapentine. Neither worked. Next, I was sent to the Mayo Clinic to another neurologist. They found nothing but low b12 again (178). It seems that neurologists believe it's mechanical and podiatrists think it's neurological. I am desperate and at times depressed. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
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