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Fell on knee 8 months ago ....

I fell one flight down over a box and a step onto the concrete. I had alot of swelling them and went on vacation the next day where i hiked. That was 8 months ago. I still cant let anything touch it even jeans put pressure on my knee and make it uncomfortable. I feel like i should have a huge bruise on knee but there is nothing there, It feels swollen at times tight at times. Sharp like splinters burns itchy feeling at times. I had a xray yesterday and it showed nothing not even arthritis from what my radiologist report said per my doctor.

I know this is not normal knee pain when i look down at both knees i can tell this knee is more swollen then right knee, On the right knee i can see indents and things like a normal knee should look on the left it looks round with definition in some areas. i can bend it i can go down to pick stuff up and come up fine. It just always feels uncomfortable. below is a list of the feelings

Feels like bruised.
Feels like glass breaking in my knee when i touch it to the floor ( when on hands and knees)
occasionally feels like a splinter is in there on the right side of knee almost where knees touch when standing
itching (when burning)
like a rubber band is wrapped around knee cap
like a rubber band is being streched over my knee cap.

Any thoughts?
Doc said xray looks great nothing abnormal on it.

I was in a car accident many years ago also where both knees where slammed into the glovebox so hard they had to use a crowbar to open glovebox to get papers out.

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My doc also thought it was a bruised knee even though 8 months he said seemed like a long time. I dont know if bruises show on xray.
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No my pcp, just said a xray. He said if it was bothering me i could see a specialist but he said since xray was 100% normal he didnt think it was a necessary.
I just worry i know what i feel and it was for 3 yrs i had back pain to find out it was gallstones and i was septic when someone found out what it was. after going to hospital 3 times in one day and 3 dif doctors for yrs. I know what i feel and if these tests keep coming back normal i fear it might get worse before i figure it out.

Just wondered if anyone else had something similar or if someone might be able to say off the symptoms what it sounded like. I can bend it i just use something to proped me back up when i go down. I can climb stairs my daughter said the one knee feels like jello when she pushed on it. Everyone says when i stand you can see the difference.
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have you had an mri to rule out torn miniscscus
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