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Finger Cannot be Straigthened

I am a mother of a 3 1/2 kid.  When she was 1 year old, I noticed that both of her thumbs were fixly bent.   We went to an orthopedic and he advised her to undergo x-ray.  Her xray result is normal.  Then the doctor advised us to bring her to physical therapist.  Since she was so little at that time she hardly cooperate so we were advised to do the procedure at home.  The therapist told us to put hot pack in her thumb and after 30minutes then massage it with oil.   I worked and her thumb wasn't stucked anymore but there were times that it bent again and when child my move it, it will become straight  again.   Now that she's already 3 years old, i have observed that when she is pointing at an object, her finger was not straight,  I checked all her other fingers and it I have noticed that the tips of her fingers were slightly bend.  What is your medical opinion about this. Can it be corrected??/ How??
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I think she is having adaptive posture. She has been keeping her fingers in this posture since she has been known to do it. X-ray which is done is normal.
She does not have any vitamin deficiency and nor does she have any calcium deficiency.
Have you evaluated her for any elemental deficiency?
The best way to help her is by putting her into infant stimulation program, which will be implemented by Physiotherapist.
By regularly attending that program and helping your child with same exercises at home will help her.
I hope she co-operates and fast she is alleviated from this problem.
Have you consulted an orthopaedician?
Keep me informed as what is going with her as of now?
What treatment have you been giving her?
Happy Holidays to you and your little one.
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