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Finger Swelling / dislocation

Well, I dislocated my finger playing football and popped it back into place immediately after I saw it happen. I went and iced it for a half an hour and went to the doctor and got an xray the next day. they said there was very very tiny chip and that all i had to do is wear a splint for 2-3 weeks. after 2-3 weeks, the finger was still swollen from the first knuckle on the finger and up. and the whole finger pointed slightly in towards the palm when i held my fingers straight up.
I went and got another xray at 5 weeks at a different doctor. that doctor said that the join was perfectly fine and it was nice and healed, and all i had to do was massage it for the swelling to stop. i've been massaging it everyday since then.
i'm almost at 7 weeks. my finger is in the exact same condition it was when i got the xray. i'm afraid that my finger might be permanently disfigured, which would not allow me to play any sports, lift weights, or do anything. i am still able to bend the finger, however, not nearly to the same degree that i was previously able to. please let me know if there is a solution.
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It's normal that the movements gets restricted after prolonged immobilsation (as is the case with you). Consult a physiotherapist, i am sure that every thing will be fine.
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Rest your fingers COMPLETELY.Do not move your fingers ATALL.Wear a creep bandage tightly for 24 hrs and check for the swelling if it has reduced.
Take low protein diet for a week.A 'hairline' fracture will take 4-6 weeks to heal.
Take care,
Good luck.
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