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Finger arthrodesis

Back in january this year (2011) I broke the end of my left pinky finger. The first surgery was a disaster, the finger was now dislocated! The 2nd surgery (july 2011 at a different hospital!) was a arthrodesis of my left pinky end joint to fix the dislocation (the fracture healed on its own). Now I have a pin in my finger. The pin is only visable on an x-ray as it is internal.Will this type of pin be removed? If so when/how? Also, I have very little movement in my left pinky (about 5%) will this improve? I'm in pain quite a bit and the feel of it is awful! Can you help?
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Thank you very much for replying :)! That helps!
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Hi there!

The pin is unlikely to be removed in future. Also the movement is unlikely to improve after arthrodesis. I would suggest getting the pain evaluated by your orthopedician for secondary causes such as contractures, nerve impingement/ pressure, vascular insufficiency, infections, inflammations, degenerations, fractures etc. After a cause is diagnosed, it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this was helpful.

Take care!
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