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Finger injury

I went to gymnastics a few days ago and hurt my pinky (on bars). I didn't think much of it at first and just ignored it. It's been a few days and it's barely any better. I wore a splint yesterday and today and started icing it. I can bend it more than I could before it but it still hurts. It’s a bit swollen and the skin around that area is a bit bluish green. What else can I do? I really want to go back to the gym tomorrow. Could it be broken? Thanks
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Hi there.  If you are training at a gym or for a team, do they have a sports trainer? I think you need to have it looked at if it is still going on.  Sprains can take a while to heal. You don't want to re-injur it.
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Don't think it really matters if it's broken or not, it just takes time to heal.  It is easier, though, if it's dislocated because a medic can just put it back in place, though it hurts a lot for a very short amount of time.  Had that happen in basketball.  Things get hurt, then they take time to heal.  It just is.
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It doesn't look crooked or anything like that so I don't think it's dislocated (at least I hope it's not... I haven't seen a doctor).
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