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Foot Injury

On 11/29 a heavy (200-300 lb) metal plate was dropped on my husband's foot, about at the arch.  He was taken to a local doctor (friend of employer ?).  His foot was xrayed, but the doctor could not determine if it was broken.  He was sent home, told to keep his foot elevated and iced, a radiologist would look at the xray the next morning and let him know if it was broken.  When no one called my husband the next day, he called the doctor's office, was told his foot was not broken and come in to the office on Monday (12/2).  He went to the office; the doctor hardly looked at this foot and gave him a 'return to work' slip to return to work on Tuesday (12/3).  His foot has turned all colors of purple from bruising, but there is still a lump on his foot.  It is rather red and the redness radiates out from it.  He said it was soft, but it has now become a hard lump.  His foot is still sore.  Does this sound normal for an injury like this?  He is afraid to get a second opinion due to possible retaliation by his employer.
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With the history posted by you, it sounds to be contusion of the foot. This would settle down with time. There should be no worries provided all his movements are fine.
He would require a week's rest. Regarding the colour changes, any contusion that heals show signs of changes in colour which reflect the various stages of clotted blood being absorbed.
The swelling mentioned by you would settle down with time. Let him avoid standing for long time.
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