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Foot and ankle injury

Last night i fell down our basement stairs, quick thought kept me from falling head over heal as i let my body just drop, however, i will tumbled, and landed the my foot bent behind me on the stairs.  Last  night had horroble pain through out the night that left me in tears....

today got up, the whole top of my foot through my ankle up to my knee are very painful to the touch, and to walk on.  I can point my tow to an extent, but cannot bend it up towards me without shooting pain, the bottom inside arch is also very tender and painful by touch and when any pressure is put onto my foot.  I think i may have tweaked my knee as it is very tender and swollen.  There is no bruising on my foot anywhere. just the pain.

Unfortunately, I just started a new job so i have not seen a doctor as of yet, needed some advice from anyone that can maybe help me figure out if it is serious enough to see a doctor or if it is just a sprained akle, possible broken or what.  anyone?  If it is serious enough i will just pay to see the doctor, but don't want to waste the money if it is not something they can help with.
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Hi there!

Well, it would be difficult to provide a specific diagnosis in the situation, without a clinical evaluation. Possibilities that may need to be considered include fractures, tendon/ ligament/ muscular injuries, nerve impingement, inflammation etc. It would be best to have this evaluated by a primary care physician or an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile you could try resting the foot. Ice-packs and OTC NSAIDS may help relieve the pain.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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