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Foot discoloration after Ankle injury

I broke my left outer ankle (fibula) 8 days ago.  I walked (limped) on it for a couple days before going to see the doctor because I thought it was a bad sprain.  Xrays showed a fracture about an inch from the bottom of the fibula going all the way across sideways.  I noticed some purple discoloration below the outer ankle the second and third day.  On the third day I was quickly put into a cast.  It's a lower leg (below knee to base of toes).  Well my toes don't hurt, but they are very bruised and discolored.  There are many shades of purple, blue, green all around the tops, bottoms and inbetween my toes.  I have good movement of my toes and it doesn't hurt to touch them or move them.  
Is this discoloration just the injured blood and tissue from the ankle fracture site just migrating around in my foot?
I'm not sure if I should go see the doctor or not.  
Regards, pjb
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I would suggest you to go for an X-ray presently and follow up after 4 weeks for further scans to understand the healing. Take complete rest and NSAIDs to relieve the pain.

Follow up with an orthopedician and follow complete hygiene.

Rule out infections and cellulitis.

Take care!

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