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Foot odor that doesn't cure with natual remedies (Pedisolax)

Hi, I am a 28 year old woman, that have always had foot odor problems but lately as I get older my foot odor has gotten stronger and unbearable; not to mention embarrasing.

I've tried clean socks, alternating shoes, powder, foot eaters, washing feet and between toes with anti-bacterial soap and none of it works and I'm so tired of having to hide my shoes in my own home. I'm afraid that other people will notice, sometimes I can smell my feet through my shoes.

I ran into a product that is called 'Pedisolax', it's a European product and it's for foot odor. You apply something on your feet and then let it stay on there overnight and it's supposed to kill the odor for up to 6 months. I wanted to know if anyone knows anything abotut it and if it's safe.

It doesn't say what it contains but the website says that it's a natural ingridient.

If anyone knows please let me know, thanks!

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did you eventually find a cure?
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