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Foot pain after Knee Replacement

I had surgery 9-29-08 and had a Zimmer gender specific total knee replacement. Since then I have pain around the outer edge of my left foot and across the arch of my foot. Can you give me an answer as to why this has happened and what can I do for the pain?

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     How are you? Total knee replacement is managed very well these days and rarely with any complications. The usual complications due to this surgery are blood clots, infection, stiffness in the joint, loosening or failure of the implant and nerve damage.
Your symptoms refer to damage to the nerve in the foot. Common nerve to be damaged during TKR surgery is the peroneal nerve, which on treatment recovers with in 6-12 months.
Even when there is no nerve damage, some patient’s might experience pain after surgery. In your case it is too early to decide about the cause.
But you can visit your doctor for examination and further follow up, to diagnose early if any loosening or failure of the implant takes place.
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i have a stiff knee since my accident went in for ankle injury but my knee end up getting stiff in the process and it is still stiff.i have to do more surgery to get it unbend
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The most common reason for knee or joint stiffness is due to immobilization of the leg due to various reasons like accident, fracture of other bones, ligament tear in other parts etc.

I would suggest you physiotherapy as a cure for this and if it does not work or if you have other symptoms in your knee then go for an MRI and diagnose the problem and consult an orthopedician.

Take care!
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